Rent a Car in Iceland – Go on a Road Trip of Your Life

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Rent a car in Iceland. Use the search engine from below. To go on a road trip in Iceland is just fantastic, we dare say it is a life changing adventure.

Rent a car in Iceland and check out our road trip plans

We have created several road trip plans which will help you to have fantastic time on your Iceland road trip.

Discover Road Trip Stories

We here at Stuck in Iceland have written many stories on going on a road trip in Iceland. On our site are also many Iceland road trip tales from people that have actually been on road trips here in Iceland and they share their experiences. Not everybody had the road trip they anticipated but real adventures are seldomly planned out. Consider the young American who drove the wrong way for five hours and ended up in the northern village of his dreams. The father and son bonded when they drove a Land Rover across Iceland.

We hope they inspire you to visit our country. Imagine driving on the Icelandic ring road seeing incredible sights such as Vatnajokull glacier, the famous south shore of Iceland with the famous black beach, the incredible natural wonders of the Diamond Circle or the Golden Circle.

Rent a car in Iceland and go on a road trip.
Rent a car in Iceland and go on a road trip.


Important! Stay safe when driving in Iceland!

Icelandic roads are narrower than roads in Europe so keep your speed down and your eyes open.


If you are renting a car for use in winter please consider renting a 4×4 vehicle. When driving in Iceland in winter the car and yourself must be ready to handle slippery roads, snow, darkness, low (or zero) visibility heavy rain, gale force winds and frost.