To Infinity, not necessarily beyond

Guest blogger Camille Thiebaut writes of an amazing experience not far off the Arctic Circle. I haven’t been in the pool myself as of yet but it is definitely planned some day soon.

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When planning your trip to Iceland, chances are high that you saw pictures of the almost Infinity pool located in Hofsós (North Iceland), that offers a view over the Atlantic Ocean and the iconic islands of Skagafjörður.

Floating 2

This pool came from Basalt Arkitektar’s imagination and was completed in 2010. It is very appreciated both by locals and tourists as it totally integrates the landscape, with an open view on the ocean and the mountains range of Skagafjörður Western side.

Since August 1st, visitors have the opportunity to try a totally different experience celebrating relaxation. Every night, from 22:00 – 1:00, once the tourists flow is gone, the pool transforms into a temple of wellbeing, in the hands of Infinity Blue.

Floating 3

Subdued lighting, candles, lounge music, everything is made to maximize the level of relaxation. In Summer time, the settings are perfect to enjoy endless days and observe the midnight sun while in Winter time, the northern lights like to make the show!

Guests are offered floating equipment, consisting of a floating cap and legs straps, both created by the Icelandic product designer Unnur Valdis. The floating equipment allows the weightless body to experience a deep state of relaxation, normally reached through the practice of meditation.

When it comes to help the body recover from stress, the benefits of floating are countless:

– Muscle tension drops, and pain is relieved
– Heart rate drops drastically
– Blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues
– Natural endorphins are released
– The brain goes to a theta state, a deep and healing state

All you have to do is to lay back and let it go, and you will attack the next day with a fresh body and mind! Float, relax, enjoy…


Photos courtesy of  Auður Björk Birgisdóttir.


To Infinity, not necessarily beyond

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