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We do our best to help you find the best tour deals in Iceland. However, we only enlist  the best suppliers and tour companies so we do not pretend have the cheapest prices. Then again, Iceland is not a ´cheap´ destination and quite frankly we don´t believe it could or should be.

We hate cheap stuff

We always look for quality and great experience when we travel. We look for ´value for money´ but not what is ´cheap´ Actually, we are allergic to ´cheap´ things or experiences.

Only the best

We also promise that we will not have deals for suppliers or tour companies unless we are sure they offer a quality product or experiences. We validate the suppliers by their Trip Advisor rating and other accolades they receive. We also often know the people who deliver the service or experience. It is our aspiration that our readers can always find the best available tours on right here for great prices.

Thanks for your support

Finally, if you take advantage of the Tour Deals in Iceland on this page you support the magazine and help to ensure that there is an indie platform for traveling in Iceland. We are grateful for your support.

Book the Ultimate Golden Circle Tour with 10% discount.
Book the Ultimate Golden Circle Tour with 10% discount.

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