Bicycling in Reykjavik – a time lapse video

Bicycling has fast become a favorite sport and a popular way to get around for people here in Reykjavik. It is a pretty good idea to get a bike if you want to explore the city since distances here aren´t that great.
For example you can easily bike from the city center, go to Grótta by the seaside and then go up to which is a really green area. Today was perfect for bicycling so I took a bike ride from my home close to Ellidaárdalur valley, down to Grótta and then from there I biked by the sea up to Ellidarárdalur valley and back home. All in all it was 38KM in 2 hours.

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Here is the time lapse video.



Bicycling in Reykjavik – a time lapse video

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