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We have partnered with Tourdesk to bring you a massive selection of tours in Iceland. It might actually be one of the largest selection of Icelandic tours in one place. But we totally understand that going through some 700 tours is going to be daunting. Here we have put together lists of popular and highest rated tours in Iceland.

Recommended Iceland tours

We have put together of recommended tours. These are tours that we have tried ourselves and know are great.

Most viewed tours in Iceland

Every month we put together a list of most viewed tours for the preceding month. This shows you what tours are hot at the moment.

Highest rated tours in Iceland

We are a fans of tour rating sites such as Tripadvisor. But we believe that you should always consider how many people have reviewed each tour. We maintain a list of tours that have more than one hundred reviews and have a full (or near) full house on Tripadvisor.