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We are forever amazed by the range and scope of the ambitious crowd sourcing projects that come our way.
We already had Evan Mather´s Hringvegur and the quest for the Holy Grail, no less (!). The latest Iceland related project on is on Kickstarter and is by the photographer and iOS developer Neil Faulkner called ´Discovering Iceland´ Neil has travelled to over 50 countries but he is coming to Iceland and he is looking to do something special here.

Iceland Travel

His intention is to create a printed Photo Book, eBook & Companion App that will allow anyone to find the exact location of every photo in the book, get the exact camera settings & information on the weather conditions at the time it was taken so they themselves can recreate the photo. To fund this project he is started a project on Kickstarter. We are intrigued by all of this and asked Neil a few questions about his rather cool project.

So you have been to over 50 countries, why create a special project about Iceland?

Yes I’ve now travelled to 54 countries & I’m really excited to be making Iceland my 55th! I´ve had the idea for this project for a while & after seeing some really amazing photos coming out of Iceland I knew it would be the perfect country for my project. There is such diversity & awe inspiring landscapes in Iceland, it truly is a photographers paradise.

What specifically do you need for the project?

After doing a lot of research for this project, I knew finding some of the best locations to photograph would rely on me talking to the local people. Part of the funding for this project will be used for hiring local guides & finding some of the best locations in Iceland. The rest of the funding with go towards designing, developing & publishing the eBook, iOS App & Printed Photobook. Because I want people to be able to take the same photographs, I will mainly be focusing on areas that are easily accessible for everyone. Other than this, all I need is some luck with the weather!

What are the places and activities that you are most looking forward to experience?

I really can´t wait to see what Iceland has to offer! I’m planning to do some glacier hiking, whale watching and I’ve never seen the Northern Lights so that´s something I’m really looking forward to experiencing! Im also looking forward to exploring some of the smaller villages along the ring road.

What do you think are the main challenges you will face in creating your project?

The main challenges will definitely be the weather! As photography is all about light, taking photos in variable conditions will definitely be tricky, though I’m sure it can lead to some pretty dramatic photographs! As I´m also hoping to photograph the elusive Aurora Borealis, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a solar storm.

Any final thoughts?

I can’t wait to experience the magic of Iceland & I hope this project will help and inspire other people to experience it as well! The whole purpose of this project is so that anyone who wants to capture Iceland’s beauty, can use the book & app as an inspiration and guide, so they can take similar photos. Even with minimal photographic knowledge or not enough time to do the research themselves! For this project to be successful I just need a bit of help, so please check out my Kickstarter page, any pledges no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated!


Support ´Discovering Iceland´ on Kickstarter

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