See the Circus in Iceland this Summer

Update from 8th of April – Sirkus Ísland reached their crowd funding goal! 

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So you want to move to Iceland and join the circus? Well, perhaps not but you can enjoy a world class circus show in Iceland this summer nevertheless. Sirkus Ísland is the only circus act in Iceland and like last year they are traveling around the country with their circus program. Their shows are both family friendly and, well, not so family friendly. Their risque show is called “Skinnsemi” so now consider yourself warned and perhaps a little titilated. Last year they were able to invest in an circus tent through the crowd funding site Karolina Fund and this year they are crowd funding their entire summer program.

Bear in mind that the crowd sourcing efforts expires on midnight on the 9th of April.

This is their tour plan for the summer of 2015:

2. – 5. July: Vestmann Islands
9. – 12. July: Reykjavik
16. – 19. July: Blönduós
23. – 26. July: Fáskrúðsfjörður
30. July – 3. August: Siglufjörður
7. – 23. August: Reykjavik

Sirkus Ísland has different shows and the ticket prices for them is as follows:

  • Heima er best: 24 Euros
  • S.I.R.K.U.S.: 20 Euros
  • Skinnsemi (this is the risque version of their performance): 27 Euros

Through the crowdfunding you get a ticket of your choice for only 18 Euros, a pretty great deal if you ask us.

Video: Sirkus Ísland in action


See the Circus in Iceland this Summer

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