Reykjavík Toy Spreader

There’s an surround artist on the prowl in Reykjavík. He or she (or indeed them?) is called Dótadreifarinn or the Toy Spreader.

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The name is self-explanatory, they take small toy items, namely figurines, toy soldiers, sheep, ducks, you name it, and glue them to houses. The criteria seem to be flat surfaces or not very slanted, out of direct reach, the toys are never in places you can just stretch your arm and take them. The artist(s) must be around in the early morning hours with a ladder.

We first noticed a toy on our roof a few months ago. I fail to find the photo I’m certain I took. A few weeks later the Buzz Lightyear which was the first figurine was replaced with this one, which is still here:

my house

I took a walk around a couple of blocks around my house in central Reykjavík. Those are the ones I found:


Businessmen need some time off too!


A purple duck? I want a pet like that!

Wizard ruling his realm


Sniper hiding behind a light pole
soldier and truck

We don’t have a military force, maybe the toy spreader is trying to change that!



and a My little Pony. Is that a Pegasus pony? Certainly looks like he’d like to take flight from the roof.

Here is an Instagram page with some of the toy spreader’s innovative places.


Reykjavík Toy Spreader

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