There’s an original and exciting art event going on in Reykjavík centrum in the next days. Stuck in Iceland went to the show last night and fell into a different time and a different world.

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You are stuck in Lazaretto. The outcome is known to none. You might be quarantined, ostracized, sick, vulnerable or lonely. Or you might think you have it all. We are all travellers, somehow out of place, out of sync, on the edge of society. But who defines the centres of power, who defines the norms? Lazaretto is a shadowy world, a world in between.

Lazaretto is a show in the art festival Everybody’s Spectacular. It takes place in an abandoned infirmary in Bergstaðastræti. In this place people had to stay if they were infected with serious maladies, especially when there were epidemics in the world. Tuberculosis, cholera, influenza, typhus, scarlet fever, this was the place people were sent. Nobody wanted to spend even one night there. In the event the guest is totally alone in the abandoned building, listening to stories from the time of the infirmary, free to roam the house at will.


Tickets are only available via email, see instructions and times at the event site





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