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Hiking in Iceland is popular for a reason. Iceland is the perfect country for hiking. It has many hiking trails that are either really tough and demanding or offer an easy stroll in the countryside. And you don´t have to go it alone, there are so many great hiking trips available for online booking.

The most toughest hike I have ever been was the 24 peaks challenge in the mountain range above the town of Akureyri. I have also hiked to the top of Iceland´s highest peak, Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur and to the top of neighboring Hrútfjallstindar peaks.

More convential hiking trails which I have been on are the ancient Kjalvegur route and the popular Laugavegur trail. A noteworthy easy accessible hiking trail is the one up Mt. Esja near Reykjavik city.

Hiking trails in Iceland are abundant. A quick way to discover the right hiking trail for you is the hiking app Wapp by one of Iceland´s best known guide Einar Skulason.

Stay safe when hiking in Iceland

Before you go hiking in Iceland, please study and follow the advice given on the Safetravel website.

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