Reykjavik Winter Wonderland Trip

The second trip in the “Dream Trip Series” which we have created for you on the innovative TripCreator  site, is all about discovering Reykjavik, relaxing in geothermal water, having great food and catching those wonderful (but often elusive) northern lights. It takes place in January when the days are short, the frost bites and the nights are long.

Iceland Travel

Day 1

Northern Lights and Lobster
Leave Reykjavik and its light pollution behind and go searching for those northern lights. Enjoy an unforgettable lobster feast. What a great night! 

Day 2

Blue Ice
Visit the the rugged and raw Sólheimajökull glacier. Try ice climbing and take a stop at the beautiful waterfall of Skógarfoss.

Íslenski Barinn Bar & Restaurant

Day 3

City Sightseeing and The Blue Lagoon
Mix sightseeing highlights followed by a soak in tranquil, spa waters. Visit the highlights Reykjavik and surrounding area and then soak in the wonderful The Blue Lagoon.

Harpa Concert Hall
See the acclaimed architectural work of art that is Harpa Concert and Conference Hall.

Sólfar Sculpture
A must see work of art by the waterfront.

Argentína Steakhouse
Some say it is the best steakhouse in town. I don´t  argue with that verdict.

Day 4

Volcanic Veins & Caving Tour
Go deep into the caves of Iceland.

Té & Kaffi Café
Nice coffee and Icelandic waffles. Yes please!

Aurora Reykjavík Center
Learn all there is to know about the northern lights 🙂

Hallgrímskirkja Church
This landmark building is quite impressive on the inside and the outside.

Northern Lights Tour
The northern lights can be elusive but  so if you don‘t see any Northern Lights during this tour, you are welcome to join the tour again, free of charge.

Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool
You haven´t relaxed until you have been in a outdoor hot tub in the middle of winter!

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Reykjavik Winter Wonderland Trip

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