A Non Traditional Gentleman From America Wants Company in Iceland

Yes we here at Stuck in Iceland are alive and kicking. However, our day jobs have been incredibly busy lately so we haven´t had the time to write any new blog posts although we are sitting on tons of material. We expect things to continue to be hectic but we hope we will be able to add more blog posts soon.

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Increasingly, we get messages to us directly to our Facebook page or our Twitter account from people interested in traveling to Iceland. We love that and we will do our best to answer them although we must stress that we are not a travel agency or guides. We are just two guys leading busy lives who enjoy travelling in our home country and writing about it. Recently I got the following questions from a gentleman in the US that is fairly typical for the queries we get.  I thought it would be efficient to just answer him here. My answers are in italics.

-How is the Airwaves Festival

I have never been but I suppose it is sweaty, loud and great fun. And totally sold out as far as I know. Check out their web site for details.

-What do you think the weather will be Oct 26-Nov 3?

I can guarantee you that it will be rainy, sunny, cold, foggy and constantly changing. Bring waterproof and warm clothes. You are in Iceland in autumn.

-Who do you recommend for tours of the island?

On the right hand side on this site you can book trips from Sterna Travel. They should all be good and although I haven´t tried themselves out myself they are highly rated on Trip Advisor. Check out the Golden Circle and Green Energy Trip for example

-What is the best kept local secret?

Check out the Swimming pools in Reykjavik, take a walk in Elliðarárdalur valley, go to a classical concert in the Harpa Music Hall, get ice-cream at Valdís ice cream shop and check out the wonderful vista and the bird life at Grótta.

-Would you want to hang out with a music loving non traditional white guy from Colorado?

We have pretty full social and professional lives but I am sure you are great. You may also find us a bit too traditional as well. 

-Which natural hot spring is the best? the most beautiful?

The Geysir field at Haukadalur is included in the Sterna Trip I mentioned. It is awesome. 

I hope you don’t mind me bugging you guys, I just want to make the most of this trip. I am really excited to come there.

It is no bother at all. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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A Non Traditional Gentleman From America Wants Company in Iceland

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