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We love our home city of Reykjavik. It has grown over the past few years. Reykjavik is now full of great cafés, restaurants, museums and bars. The cultural scene in the city is just amazing. It is safe to say that the city punches above its weight in terms of culture and entertainment.

Reykjavik tours and trips

There is a great selection of tours and trips that you can join in Reykjavik. These are focused on many different things, for example there are tours that are centered on history and culture, whale watching, nature and scenery, food and drink and so on and so forth! To give you even more choice I have listed several popular Reykjavik tours and activities here below.

A few examples include:

Culture and history venues in Reykjavik city

We recommend the following culture and history venues:

Walking routes in Reykjavik

The city is also a great place to explore and there are plenty wonderful walking routes.

Cafés and bars

Cafés and bars in the city are legion. Here are a few of our favorites:

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