Reykjavik 1st Most Inspirational Winter City

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Package holiday specialists TravelBird have released the 2016 Inspiring Cities Ranking offering a comprehensive ranking of some of the world’s most inspirational cities. The Ranking utilises eight criteria associated with innovation and creativity to allow travellers to best pick their next inspiring adventure. In a ddition, their analysis of winter and summer cities means the Inspirational City Ranking can be used to inspire seasonal travel, further empowering curious travellers.

To create the Ranking, TravelBird began with a list of renowned inspiring cities worldwide and continued to add vibrant locations until they reached 85 destinations.
They then calculated the Inspirational Rank of each, factoring in performing arts companies, art schools, art galleries, museums, music production facilities, film
industry facilities and startups seeking funding located within the city. They also ranked each location by the number of Google searches for romance-focused keywords (e.g. searches for romantic areas or dinners), in the native language, in each location. Scores for the criteria are equal to each factor per 100,000 residents in each city.

Interestingly, TravelBird found that many larger cities did not rank as high as smaller cities in the same country. A main reason behind this can be attributed to
smaller cities ranking with high numbers in multiple factors which, coupled with having smaller populations, mean higher accessibility to each inspiring criteria per

Reykjavik came 5th in the Inspirational Cities Ranking. The city placed 1st in the winter cities ranking and for for the number of museums per 100,000 citizens. The
city came in the top 25 for the number of performing arts companies, the number of art schools, art galleries, film industry facilities and for the number of startups
seeking funding per 100,000 citizens.

TravelBird also sought to incorporate seasonal inspiration into their Index, to inform travellers of stimulating seasonal travel and adventure. To do so, the
company looked to artwork depicting each city and from thousands of images assigned a score based on a ratio of whether winter or summer had inspired more painters, and therefore, which season made each city more inspirational. These scores were taken into account a long with the Inspirational Ranking to create a seasonal rank.

The top 5 cities to rank for winter and summer are as follows:

San Fransisco


Reykjavik 1st Most Inspirational Winter City

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